How Can We Help

To qualify for our Industrial Athletes Hardship Program:

  • They are established stunt performers with recognised credentials, such as film credits and theatre credits, accompanied by a Curriculum Vitae/portfolio.
  • They can prove their financial distress by providing evidence, such as being reliant on welfare payments (e.g. Centrelink) and struggling with overdue bills.
  • Additionally, they can present documentation of sustained injuries, including details of the incident, their identity as an accredited stunt performer, when and where the event occurred, its circumstances, and supporting records encompassing employment status, workplace injury claims, case management if previously denied assistance and seeking further aid, and relevant insurance policies.

Individuals seeking assistance through our Industrial Athletes Hardship Program will be expected to complete an online application and provide corroborative documentation for eligibility assessment.

Please be aware that our support relies significantly on public funding, program grants and sponsorships. We will reach out to you and provide updates as soon as possible.

We apologise for any inconvenience and sincerely appreciate your patience.

To see if you are eligible for support, please click the button below and take the eligibility criteria questionnaire.

Our Team

ASO comprises proficient volunteers who offer complimentary guidance to participants within our Industrial Athletes Hardship Program.

  • Our team of advisors extends free services to stunt performers engaged in our Industrial Athletes Hardship Program on our online platform. When further medical attention becomes necessary as part of a performer’s treatment plan, we facilitate referrals to our network of medical partners.
  • All advisory services integral to our Industrial Athletes Hardship Program are exclusively accessible to stunt performers who qualify our organisation’s rigorous eligibility criteria questionnaire, as delineated above.
  • This disclaimer (“Disclaimer”) governs your use of the services provided by Australian Stunts Organisation (“ASO”) including but not limited to legal services, medical advice, and information provided on our website.
  • Volunteer Lawyers and Medical Practitioners: ASO provides legal and medical information and services on a voluntary basis. The information and advice provided by volunteer lawyers and medical practitioners do not constitute legal or medical representation, and reliance on such information is at your own discretion.

    ASO does not guarantee the accuracy, completeness, or timeliness of the information provided by our volunteers. Consultation with a qualified professional is advised for specific legal or medical issues.

    ASO volunteers are not liable for any actions, claims, or damages arising from the use of their advice or services, whether directly or indirectly.

Further avenues of support include:

  • Educational and training opportunities at our Academy.
  • Training initiatives tailored for permanently disabled performers in alternate roles.
  • Prospects for volunteering or employment within ASO.

“Training on other work within the film/entertainment industry to enable a permanently disabled performer to open up other pathways” denotes our ability to connect qualifying Industrial Athletes Hardship Program participants to further training through the ASO Academy, if applicable.

For participants in our Industrial Athletes Hardship Program, subject to qualifying the eligibility criteria questionnaire, we aim to facilitate ‘payment plans’ or scholarships for Academy participation, assessed on a case-by-case basis.

Furthermore, we extend avenues for volunteerism and employment within our organisation to those participating in our Industrial Athletes Hardship Program, creating a pathway toward broader career opportunities.

The eligibility for each activity/service provided within the ‘Further Assistance’ framework is as follows:

  • Our Academy is accessible on a fee-for-service basis for any stunt performer. However, participants in our Industrial Athletes Hardship Program are eligible for ‘payment plan referrals’ or scholarships, aligned with their fulfilment of the eligibility criteria questionnaire.