About ASO


The Australian Stunts Organisation is a not-for-profit Association incorporated in South Australia dedicated to improving and advancing the work and interests of Australian stunt performers.

Through alliances with other industry bodies and high-profile ambassadors from the industry, the ASO will advocate for, assist, advise and protect stunt performers whenever they need it, from education and training to financial assistance, and from the smallest legal query to catastrophic physical injury. Whatever hardship Australian stunt performers face, we’re
here to help.

First and foremost, we’re going to provide a platform for those afraid to speak out, assert themselves and demand their rights around work safety a voice. And we’re all about ongoing support of the industry as a whole.

The ASO will be home to Australia’s first dedicated stunt performer support facility, available to performers who are struggling financially to maintain the required fitness levels, get back to peak fitness after an injury, training and practice or even a healthy meal and a ride home.

And with the participation of industry and trade bodies and big industry names, our message won’t only enjoy high visibility in the media and industry, it’ll be clear; help is available.

Stunts are hard. The industry is harder.
Who’ll be on your side if the worst happens?

Being a stunt performer for movies and TV is exciting, glamorous, full of thrills and intrigue. But what happens when it all goes wrong?

The Associated Press reported that since 1990, 43 stunt performers have died on US film sets, with another 37 internationally. Up to 150 performers sustained ‘life-altering’ injuries.

Despite having some of the highest accreditation and safety standards in the world for stunts and stunt performers here in Australia, injuries and deaths on movie and TV sets happen, and the effects on the long term health and employment prospects of performers and the financial burden imposed on their lives can be crippling and career-ending.

Here in Australia, where the TV and film industry is not only small but notorious for boom and bust periods, making a living as a stunt performer is hard enough. Ongoing training and up-skilling is expensive and many performers have to work other jobs that only make it harder to craft a career. But if the unthinkable happens, ongoing employment might be the least of your worries.

The Problems

On a busy film set, clear communication and understanding of what’s required can be challenging, to say the least.

Performers might assume they were informed and aware of all the risks, complications, and technicalities of the profession, only to find that when they require help or need assistance the most, issues can arise that are on the same side and can have a lasting impact.

In an industry that attracts so much attention, involves constant media coverage, and has so much glitz and glamour, it’s consistently overlooked and ignored that it also has its challenges. From illness and injury to harassment, unfair conditions, and the threat of termination.

Being informed and being able to access a range of information and services is crucial when support is needed in any industry, and that’s where the Australian Stunts Organisation can help.

The Australian Stunts Organisation offers a range of resources, innovation, research documents, and industry-based options to support you when you need help the most. We are your safety net.

Accessing the ASO & the Industrial Athletes Hardship Program

A wide variety of rehabilitation, financial or career assistance programs are available for stunt performers. Getting in touch through the Organisation’s website or social media will get the ball rolling with industry experts and assessors who will take up each individual case. Stunt performers are naturally tough – it comes with the territory. But they’re only human and like the rest of us, they need help sometimes.

The time has come to stop being afraid to ask.

Established stunt performers seeking assistance through the Industrial Athletes Hardship Program must demonstrate financial distress, supported by evidence like reliance on welfare payments and overdue bills. Comprehensive documentation of sustained injuries, including incident details, accreditation, employment status, and relevant records, is required. To apply, individuals must complete an online application and provide supporting documentation. Support is dependent on public funding, program grants, and sponsorships. Regular updates will be provided, and eligibility can be checked by completing the hardship eligibility criteria questionnaire. We apologise for any inconvenience and appreciate your patience.

What your support can help us achieve...

Funding for the rehabilitation of stunt performers can be allocated to various essential areas to ensure their well-being and recovery.

  • Medical Care: The primary allocation will go toward specialised treatments for injuries sustained during stunts.
  • Physical Therapy: Funding should cover extensive physical therapy programs to aid in the recovery process, improve mobility, and regain strength and flexibility.
  • Mental Health Support: Recognise the importance of mental health in recovery by allocating resources for counselling, therapy, and support groups to address the psychological impact of injuries.
  • Research and Development: Invest in research and development for innovative rehabilitation techniques and technologies that can expedite recovery and improve long-term outcomes.
  • Reintegration Programs: Create programs designed to help injured stunt performers smoothly transition back into their roles, ensuring a safe return to work when they are ready, all within the convenience of an online platform.
  • Safety Training: Allocate funds for ongoing safety training and education to prevent injuries in the first place, ensuring the well-being of performers.
  • Support Networks: Create and maintain support networks or organisations dedicated to the well-being of stunt performers, offering resources and assistance for both physical and mental recovery.
  • Emergency Assistance: Establish an emergency fund to provide immediate financial assistance in cases of severe injuries, helping performers and their families during crises.
  • Injury Prevention Research: Invest in research aimed at improving safety equipment, techniques, and protocols to reduce the likelihood of injuries in the future.
  • Career Transition: Provide resources and training for stunt performers looking to transition to other roles within the industry or explore new career opportunities if they can no longer perform stunts.

We collaborate with the sports community, particularly with organisations, associations, and professionals in sports psychology and career counselling. This partnership will aim to assist stunt performers in navigating career transitions that are both familiar and compatible with their current circumstances.

By teaming up with sports psychology experts, we can offer tailored mental health and well-being support to help stunt performers cope with the challenges of transitioning careers. These professionals can provide strategies for managing stress, building resilience, and maintaining focus during the transition process.

Additionally, working closely with career counsellors within the sports community will enable us to provide targeted resources and training programs. These resources might include workshops, online courses, and one-on-one counselling sessions, all designed to help stunt performers identify alternative career paths within the entertainment or sports industries.

By leveraging the expertise of the sports community, we can create a comprehensive support network that addresses the mental well-being and career transition needs of stunt performers, ensuring they have the guidance and resources necessary to thrive in their new roles.

Efficient allocation of funding to these areas can help ensure that stunt performers receive comprehensive support for their rehabilitation, both physically and mentally, enabling them to recover and continue contributing to the entertainment industry safely.

Our People

The Australian Stunts Organisation, proud of our formidable team rooted in South Australia, is dedicated to advancing the safety, rights, and interests of this brave community. ASO has played a pivotal role in advancing workplace safety and advocacy, generously offering support to ensure that those who captivate us with daring feats are never left without aid.

Our Partners & Affiliates

Health Programs Partner

Physio Physique takes a unique and holistic approach to injury management and rehabilitation. Combining effective manual therapy, lifestyle promotion and meaningful exercise therapy for fast recovery.

See more at www.physiophysique.com.au

legal partner

The Australian Stunts Organisation is proud to work with Corsers, a specialist commercial and Immigration legal practice and property conveyancing group established in Adelaide in 1990.

Directors, Nadia Shivarev, Karley Thomas and Patrick Quan provide services and advice to individuals, small and large businesses in commercial and property dealings, whether transactional or dispute resolution, including immigration, citizenship and in other specialist areas like wills, estates and inheritance claims.

See more at www.corsers.net.au

Online Branding & Digital Development Partner

Adelaide digital design and development studio EDynam is behind the Australian Stunts Organisation’s online presence and profile. After working with industry-wide clients both big and small, EDynam has developed a simple but enduring philosophy to make their clients’ online brand affordable but impactful.

See more at edynam.com

Rehabilitation Partner

Veterans and first responders struggling with mental health issues have always had very particular needs, and many psychotherapy and counselling services need to be augmented with other ways of healing. Horse Aid has a unique suite of programs to help people facing mental stress by working with horses, human and animal developing coping skills and rebuilding confidence together. And because its services are tailor-made for people from the most intensive of professions, they’re perfect for stunt performers who’ve dealt with career-changing (or career-ending) injuries and the stress and anxiety that can result.

See more at horseaid.org.au

Medical Partner

Neuroflex is a cutting edge brain health services provider bringing tomorrow’s technology to physicians and healers today.

Neuroflex puts the user in a completely virtual reality environment, scanning and monitoring ocular motor functions and head movements and comparing them against scientifically validated benchmarks of cognitive performance.

Using only a quick exercise that lasts less than 10 minutes, Neroflex can create a dataset of the user’s motor function that’s then rigorously interrogated to provide an accurate, quantitative and metrics-based report on his or her brain function and cognitive performance.

It’s secure, private, driven by the cloud and supported by the latest machine learning diagnosis tools.

See more at neuroflex.io

Medical management software partner

Cliniko is a complete practice management application used by thousands of healthcare practitioners in more than 95 countries worldwide. Manage schedules, treatment notes, invoices, payments and lots more. It works great for solo practitioners, large teams and anything in between.

See more at cliniko.com

Film & Editing Partner

Iris Wide Shut, an all-encompassing video production company, boasts extensive experience and a devoted team. IWS doesn’t solely rely on technical know-how and advanced equipment; instead, they value the art of storytelling and its ability to resonate with viewers. With industry-standard resources and limitless creativity at their disposal, they weave narratives that captivate and leave a lasting impression in the audience’s memory.

See more at iriswideshut.com

Health and Fitness Partner

The TraceFit Method, a (Fun)ctional Mobility Training System, is built on parkour, primal movement, and calisthenics, combining elements from these disciplines. It originates from the expertise of Head Coach Kundai Murapa, a seasoned movement athlete and professional film stunt performer with more than ten years dedicated to parkour. TraceFit strives to acquaint everyday individuals with the foundational skills of specialized disciplines like parkour, primal movement, and calisthenics. It provides in-person training in Cape Town, South Africa, and extends its reach globally through online fitness coaching and a nutritional program.

See more at tracefitmethod.com

Immersive Tech Specialist & Film Partner

Rooftop Immersive Studio functions as a creator, producer, and distributor of immersive content, spanning AR, MR, VR, photogrammetry, volumetric video, 360 video mapping, location-based experiences, and interactive formats. Their multidisciplinary team comprises specialists in diverse fields, accumulating nearly 5 years of experience within the virtual and augmented reality industry. All aspects, from conceptualisation to execution, are handled in-house, specialising in crafting collective experiences driven by captivating storytelling. Embracing technology, their emphasis remains firmly on content. They cater to a global clientele, serving multinationals, local companies, and startups. The team consists of high-profile experts with extensive experience, adopting an approach that prioritizes understanding the narrative before aligning the necessary technical skills to complement the message.

See more at rooftopimmersivestudio.com

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