Australian Stunts Organisation

We are your recovery safety net

Welcome to ASO

After a decade of meticulous development, Australian Stunts Organisation, a not-for-profit Association incorporated in South Australia has come into existence. Through rigorous research and strategic medical partnerships, ASO is dedicated to alleviating, rehabilitating, and providing comprehensive support to professional stunt performers, all while prioritising their well-being.

Through collaborative partnerships with industry entities and the endorsement of prominent industry figures, ASO is also devoted to advocating for, advising, and safeguarding stunt performers whenever they require assistance. Whether it involves education and training, financial support, or addressing legal matters, from minor queries to severe physical injuries, ASO remains resolute in its mission to support our remarkable stunt performers.

The ACNC Registered Charity Tick strives to provide the public with confidence that the charity is both transparent and accountable, officially listed on the ACNC Charity Register.

Our Vision

To foster a harmonious collaboration within the film and entertainment sector, recognising the essential role of stunt performance as more than a mere embellishment.

Paramount in our ethos are principles of safety, equality, diversity, integrity, and fairness, which will steadfastly underpin our endeavours.

Our Mission

The compassionate provision and assistance are designated to alleviate the challenges faced by professionals engaged in stunt performance, as well as their dependents, during times of adversity.

Our approach to handling delicate matters is characterised by strict confidentiality, ensuring that individuals are aided with the highest level of consideration and to the fullest extent of our capabilities.

In addition, we aspire to establish a public resource that serves to enlighten the community about the significance of stunt professionals within the film and entertainment sector (further details provided below).

What We Offer

Financial Assistance

  • household expenses
  • medical bills
  • burial

Practical Assistance

  • medical
  • groceries
  • everyday essentials

Advisory Assistance

  • complimentary legal guidance 
  • employment & vocational training
  • mental health wellbeing

Our People

Our Partners & Affiliates