Michelle Lieu

Headache & Migraine Physiotherapist & ASO Ambassador

ASO is thrilled to extend a warm welcome to Michelle, whose multifaceted expertise in physiotherapy, performing arts, and dedication to enhancing healthcare aligns with the ASO’s commitment to fostering holistic well-being within the artistic community.

Michelle, an Adelaide-based physiotherapist specialising in headache and migraine treatments, holds Level 3 Watson Practitioner certification in the Watson Headache Protocol. Her dedication to delivering top-tier healthcare for chronic pain sufferers is evident through her effective treatment approaches.

Engaging with diverse NDIS participants, Michelle infuses rehabilitation with enjoyment, prioritising acknowledging patients’ accomplishments through determination and guidance.

Beyond her physiotherapy practice, Michelle boasts a background in martial arts and pursues a professional acting career. Her aspiration is to merge her passions for the arts and healthcare to offer encouragement and aid to performers navigating substantial life changes.

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