Marc Harmse

Stunt Performer, ASO Ambassador & ASO Parkour/Movement/­Mental Coach & Legal Consultant

ASO is pleased to introduce Marc Harmse. Born in 1993, Marc Harmse epitomises the spirit of a wild child, fuelled by an unyielding determination to conquer the realm of movement. Despite his stature as the smallest kid, Marc’s insatiable thirst for extreme sports and adrenaline-fuelled activities has been a defining trait since his early years. His journey unfolds as a testament to relentless pursuit and growth, from competing nationally in kickboxing during childhood to immersing himself in technical skateboarding and later diving deep into Mixed Martial Arts (MMA), mastering disciplines like Muay Thai, Boxing, Greco-Roman wrestling, and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Brought up amidst the rugged terrain of the countryside, Marc developed a mindset of resilience and a profound dedication to overcoming challenges. Alongside his athletic endeavours, he pursued legal studies, earning a BA Law from the University of Pretoria in 2016 and ultimately ascending to the position of Attorney of the High Court of South Africa. However, his innate passion beckoned him towards a different path, leading him to venture into the realm of stunt performance within the film industry in 2022, where he seamlessly blends his diverse skill set.

In 2015, Marc discovered parkour, marking the beginning of a remarkable journey within the esteemed Sabotage Elite group, where he swiftly rose to prominence in South Africa’s parkour community. Throughout the years, he has honed his expertise, garnering acclaim for his exceptional parkour abilities and adeptness in choreographing and executing fight scenes with unparalleled precision. Presently, Marc is on the verge of solidifying his status as a recognised member of the South African Stunts Association, all while continuing to excel in the dynamic world of stunt performance.

With over two decades of martial arts experience, coupled with nine years of parkour practice and coaching, eleven years of calisthenics training and coaching, and nearly a decade of legal expertise, Marc embodies a multifaceted skill set. In essence, he stands as a Stunt Performer, Parkour and Movement Coach, Mental Coach, and Legal Consultant, driven by a passion for pushing boundaries and mastering every challenge that crosses his path.