Kim Quan

Founder & Executive Director

Kim’s aspiration within the Australian Stunts Organisation is to furnish resources and assistance to stunt performers who encounter challenges in accessing adequate medical care, rehabilitation, and additional living provisions subsequent to job-related injuries.

In 2011, while her former partner was gaining prominence as a sought-after stunt performer, he suffered an injury that abruptly terminated his career. This incident plunged him and Kim into a long and difficult struggle to secure the necessary resources and financial support for appropriate treatment.

Presently, Kim has the distinct privilege of being actively involved in a close collaboration, working alongside Louis-Philippe Lorange on his enthralling stunt documentary project.

Her commitment to holistic well-being has driven her to embark on a new journey in mental health-related fields. This endeavour reflects her aspiration to seamlessly integrate her creative arts and fitness qualifications, offering a comprehensive approach to benefit ASO and its mission of nurturing both physical vitality and emotional well-being.