Dr Leslie McMichael

PhD Media Psychologist, Stunt Coordinator, ASO Ambassador & ASO Researcher

ASO is delighted to extend a warm welcome to Dr Leslie McMichael. Dr McMichael has been a Canadian stunt performer since 1996 and a stunt coordinator since 2015. Her performing specialties are martial arts, wire work, driving, fire and stunt acting. Leslie is the first female stunt coordinator in Alberta, and has worked for studios such as Netflix, Amazon, Disney, Paramount, Universal and CBS. With a PhD in Media Psychology, Leslie has studied the effects of serial concussion in stunt performers and continues to educate and promote concussion awareness in the stunt community.

Leslie is an active member of the Science and Health in Artistic Performance (SHAPe) Research Group at Ohio University as a community-based researcher who advises the research group on the technical aspects of film and television stunt performance. In addition, she’s a co-investigator in the SHAPe Research Group’s partnership with the Boston University CTE Center to study chronic traumatic encephalopathy in stunt performers. Other volunteer work includes being the concussion representative for her son’s Bantam football team.

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