Andy Armstrong

Film Director, Stunt Coordinator, ASO Ambassador & ASO Stunt Safety Advisor

We are honoured and thrilled to welcome Andy Armstrong. Andy’s journey began in motorsports before he leaped into the movie industry in 1972. Starting as a vehicle stunt performer, his knack for organisation propelled him to the status of assistant film director by 1973. Over his career, he contributed to 70+ international movies, including iconic James Bond films. Renowned for managing intricate, perilous stunts, he became a specialist in handling complex action sequences.

By 1987, Andy shifted to directing entire action sequences, crafting monumental scenes in movies like “Hoffa,” “Stargate,” “Planet of the Apes,” and more, while also coordinating action in films such as “Scooby Doo 2” and “I Robot.” Co-founding Armstrong Action, a family-driven stunt company, he influenced global productions, even reshaping action styles in “The Amazing Spiderman.” Additionally, he delved into directing films like “Moonshine Highway” and TV episodes, along with co-directing music videos for Metallica and Sheryl Crow, expanding his creative ventures across 38 countries. Andy solidified himself as a global authority in action choreography and direction.

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